Association Beige de Scriptophilie Avenue de l'Equinoxe 18, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium
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Main category : Scripophily
Category : Scripophily
Location : Belgium

The Belgian Asosciation for Scripophily, abbreviated as B.A.S., is a non profit making association which has been created in 1980, statuts officialy published in the annexs of the ‘Moniteur Belge’ (Belgian official publication revue) dated 10 April 1980. Lately the statuts have been adapted to the new Belgian legislation and published in the official revue on 2nd March 2006. Our Association is the only Belgian non profit making association grouping the collectors of old bonds and share. His aim is to promove scripophily. We gather together once a month. Our members have then the opportunity to exchange, sell and or buy old certificates. An auction, reserved to our members, is following this bourse. Once a year we organise a special auction where scare certificates are presented.  Occasionnaly we organise scripophily related events like a free estimation of old certificates open to the public. The last event we organized was an exposition of old bonds and shares tramways related in the Brussel’s tram museum. We also publish a periodic with different scripophily related topics. We try to publish regularly a reference catalogue of Belgian certificates in a specific domain.


JEAN-LUC DE BEIR Tel: +3227633368 Email
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