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Cayón Numismática was founded by Juan R. Cayón (1942) in 1956. A pioneer in almost every way from an early stage, Juan Cayón was the first Spanish numismatist to register as such with the Finance Ministry (1 October 1964) and the first Spanish dealer to import collectors’ coins, which he started to do in 1966.

Since then the firm has traded in coins, banknotes, medals and numismatic books from all over the world and all periods, but especially in Spanish (and Latin American) and ancient coins.

To invigorate the Spanish market he sets about organizing numismatic conventions in nearly every provincial capital (from 1973) as well as coin fairs (from 1976), which soon began to open up markets between the Spanish provinces. Since the 70s Juan Cayón has organized hundreds of coin shows and conventions.

Moreover, also with the aim of popularizing numismatics, Juan Cayón has organized more than 200 auctions. His first public coin sale was held in November 1967 in Madrid and since then tens of thousands of lots have gone under the hammer. Cayón was the first auction house in Spain to hold simultaneous sales at two venues (with a phone link between auction rooms in Madrid and Barcelona, back in the 70s).

In order to support institutional and private collecting Juan Cayón started up a publishing house specialized in numismatics. It publishes the “Las Monedas Españolas” (“The Spanish Coins”) catalogue, which first came out on 1973. Since then it has brought out twelve editions of the catalogue, of which more than 60,000 copies have been sold around the world, making it, by several thousand, the best-selling numismatic book in Spanish history.

Other titles published by Cayón include: “Los Sestercios del Imperio Romano” (Sesterces of the Roman Empire) (1,200 sets sold), “Compendio de las monedas del Imperio Romano” (Compendium of Coins of the Roman Empire) (7,000 sets sold) and the collection “Grandes Obras de la Numismática Española” (Great Works of Spanish Numismatics). Papers have also been published by Dr María Paz García Bellido et al., Dr Carmen Alfaro (†), Director of the National Archaeological Museum’s numismatic section, and Professor Emeritus Antonio Beltrán Martínez (†).

Among other bodies Cayón has set up a Corporation of Numismatic Experts and the first exclusively numismatic foundation: the Foundation for the Promotion of Numismatic Studies (1978), number 30 in the Culture Ministry’s register of protected foundations.


Since 1997 Cayón Numismática has continued as a second-generation family firm, run exclusively by Adolfo, Clemente and Juan Cayón. Adolfo Cayón (1971) graduated in geography and history at the Madrid Complutense University and joined the Executive Committee of the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN), and is currently President of the Spanish Association of Professional Numismatists (AENP). Clemente Cayón (1972) studied business administration and was the first of the new generation to take over. Juan Cayón (1975) is a practicing member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) and has a master’s degree in corporate tax consultancy from IE Business School. He has been guest professor at Spanish University UNED from 2005 to 2012 (numismatist program).

Adolfo, Clemente and Juan Cayón continue to publish the “Catálogo de las Monedas Españolas” (Catalogue of Spanish Coins), of which they are the new authors.

Cayón Numismática continues to hold numismatic auctions. Under the new management, Cayón was the first Spanish numismatic dealer to offer catalogues on CD-ROM (2000), the first to allow bidding online (2001), the first to present catalogues in colour (2004), the first to accept live bids online (2010) and the first numismatic dealer in the world to offer a catalogue through a special application for tablets and smartphones (iPad and similar, since 2011), the first numismatic dealer in the world holding live bidding internet auctions (since november 2012 every month) and the first spanish dealer who offer the automatic outbid alert system (noviembre 2012).

At least once a year a prestigious auction is held at the Madrid Ritz, perhaps the capital’s most historic hotel, presenting the sale in an special catalogue with historical notes and research.

Cayón presented its “fast auctions”, at which the delivery periods for auctioned items are shorter and sellers receive their payments sooner. These were the beguining of the actual monthly internet live bidding auctions.

Through private sales or participations in auctions, Cayón is by far (with data up to 2009) the Spanish Culture Ministry’s biggest coin provider.

Cayón is the only spanish dealer attending the most important international coin shows.

Cayón catalogues are regarded as the best produced and printed of their kind. The firm’s archive and numismatic library allow coins to be perfectly catalogued and valued.

This process allows sellers to obtain the best results.

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