Croatian Monetary Institute Svetonedeljska ul. 10, 10431, Sveta Nedelja, Croatia
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Category : Numismatics
Location : Croatia

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The Croatian Monetary Institute Ltd. was founded on April 23, 1993 and started formally working on January 14, 1994.
The basic activity of the Croatian Monetary Institute is production

  • Republic of Croatia kuna and lipa coinage
  • Kuna and lipa ceremonial coinage
  • Kuna and lipa numismatic coin sets
  • Kuna and lipa coin sets in coin glitter
  • Ceremonial gold and silver coins
  • Gold and silver medals and medals from other metals
  • Ceremonial medallion and badges in various metals
  • Program at the buyer’s request

Croatian Monetary Institute Ltd. founders:

  • Commercial Activity Agency with 57.4 % share
  • Croatian National Bank with 42.6 % share

Legal capital amounting to 38.906.800,00 kunas

Thanks to high technological equipment and the professional staff, the cooperation with academic sculptors and designers, it is possible for us to answer to the most selective buyers’ requests concerning the entire design of the ready product, as well as various technological possibilities of medal manufacturing in terms of size, weight, type of material, quality and other.

Each medal and coin made of precious material is accompanied by a numbered paper security certificate. It contains data on mass, diameter, percentage of metal purity, mintage quality and edition. The medal certificates are certified by the State Institute of Standards and Metrology, while the gold and silver money certificates are certified by the signature of the Croatian National Bank Governor.

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