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From website:

We specialize in coins & banknotes from 1850 to present day, but also stock large amount of numismatic material
pre 1850 which changes from day to day and quite a few items never get listed on this web site.
We are one of the largest and most varied coins sites on the web listing the widest selection of coins
and banknotes. You will find coins and banknotes listed on our web site that no other dealers bother
to list or sell (not worth their time or effort) ‘as they say.’
So please contact us if you are looking for a certain coin(s) or banknotes(s) it could be in stock.
We do hope that you may find some coins or banknotes of interest to you on this web site,

Over the next few months I am slowly listing coins/banknotes purchased over a 30 year period
by me and just put aside unsorted. They have all come from different sources
such as ebay, dealers, auction houses, private collectors, flea markets, friends
etc. I’ll list them fast as possible (about 75,000 items)

Not updated banknotes section of web site but it is in the pipe line
British coins Nov 2015 (over 3000 coins) No rubbish.

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